I had been hopeful that once the election was over, regardless of who won, life here would gradually return to whatever passes for normal these days. So, here we are two months post election, 12 days prior to inauguration and the division seems to be getting wider, if that is possible.

The self appointed guardians of tolerance and justice have launched a campaign to ensure that anyone who partakes in the Trump festivities will be standing in a bread line by spring. The idea that someone could actually choose to be a part of this event is not only an anathema to them, but verging on illegal. Many of these people said they were going to move to Canada if Trump won. So move already.

None of us agree with everything anyone stands for or does, no president, no husband or wife, no friend. Many disagree with Trump, ideologically and in every way possible. I get it. You’re scared, disgusted, fed-up, and can see nothing but disaster ahead. Fine. Maybe getting out of the way and letting him run his course will bring this about even sooner than you had hoped. But acting like 12 year old bullies on a playground who didn’t get your way only serves to make you look petty and childish. We all need to take a deep breath and realize we are all in the together. We will all rise and fall together, so better to work together than against one another.

At this moment we have one choice, accept Donald Trump as president of all of us, or spend the next four years being angry, petulant and miserable. Somehow I can’t see that as a good solution. So pray for him, our country and the people that God has allowed to be our leaders for the moment. Time will pass more quickly that way.

As our current president, Barack Obama, said on the evening of his last election, “We rise or fall together, as one nation, and as one people.”
Quote by Barack Obama