As an advocate and champion of adoption, the comments made by Al Trautwig during the Olympics prove yet again the lack of understanding the public had regarding adoption.

The gymnast, Simone Biles, was adopted by her maternal grandparents because her biological parents were unable to care for her. The first job of a parent is to protect and care for the life you have been given by God. Failing to do this disqualifies you as a parent. So her maternal grandparents stepped up and protected and cared for her…therefore they qualify as her parents, in the eyes of the court as well as in the eyes of anyone paying attention, except Al Trautwig. Apparently he believes possessing a sperm and an egg and getting them together qualifies you as a parent.

Adoption is a difficult, tedious, emotionally fraught experience that if everyone wanting children had to endure, we would have families that looked much less fractured than what we have today. We would have families that were created with thought, love and intention…not because a condom failed or someone drank too much wine at a Christmas party,

Ron and Nellie Biles are Simones’ parents and even though her biological mother, Shanon, has conquered her substance abuse issues, she only sees her daughter every 3-4 months. Shanon gave birth to Simone, Nellie is her mother.