I was forwarded a video several days ago that was an Oprah interview with the pastor of the Hillsong Church in NYC, Carl Lentz. It was interesting from several standpoints, the main one being that Oprah has been openly challenged on air about her beliefs that there are many ways to reach God/Heaven. In this interview there may have been some editing, but Carl clearly stated that Jesus was the only way to God and salvation. No push back from Oprah.

I often think of why the presentation of the Gospel, “Jesus was born, Jesus died (for our sins), Jesus rose again” presents such a threat to people. I would like to believe that most people, of all religions, would at least agree that Jesus was a good man, a prophet a teacher. Christianity is the only religion that says Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah and the only way to Salvation. This rubs a lot of people the wrong way as it is seen as exclusive, narrow, unloving, and some will deem it wrong altogether.

Someone once said that if a person had spent their entire life worshiping and believing in Jesus/God and died to find out they were wrong was better than another person spending their whole life not believing in God/Jesus and dying and finding out they were wrong. The first person wasted time, the second person was relegated to hell for all eternity.

As Christians we need to realize the message we have been given to share is not going to be received with open arms and hearts. Jesus is not the man of the hour. His days are over, His message archaic, His place in 21st century America has been replaced by secular humanism. But we know the truth and we have a obligation to share it with anyone and everyone. It’s called Good News for a reason…it’s GOOD!

Who is this man we call Jesus by Sara Dormon