I hope you get the job, I hope to see you again, I hope you pass your test…I hope, I hope, I hope. We all probably use the word hope a lot more than we realize. As it says in Romans 8:24, “Hope always means waiting for something we do not yet possess.”

Where have you put your hope? We are told in I Timothy 6:17, “Tell those who are rich in this present world not to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain.” I have often said it is very easy to have faith when to have money in the bank. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where self-sufficiency is the goal, independence, needing no one but yourself, that’s what we strive for and encourage our children to do.

God created us to live in community, to need one another, to depend on one another and to share the journey with one another. So why do we builds walls and fences…to keep people in or to keep people out? Either way, we eliminate the possibility of community. We hope others will call us, invite us to their parties, we hope they will like us, but what do we do to facilitate that possibility? We hope for a lot and put our faith and hope in the same people we have built the walls and fences to protect us from. Why, because we know we will be disappointed or hurt or both. In Hebrews 11:11, Sarah realizes her desire to have a child because she put her hope and faith in the One who never fails, God.

Where have you put your hopes for the future? In man, government, husband, wife, kids, friends? Of course we all have done this and will do it again, but for a smoother ride without hurts or disappointments, we need to put our future and hope in He who knows what is best for us and wants it for us more than we want it for ourselves.

Where Have You Put Your Hope? a blog post by autho, Sara Dormon