People like order. We like to know where things are, even in what may appear to be chaos to others…to us, we know where everything is. We like answers. We don’t like uncertainty. Just ask McDonalds that has had the almost the same menu for all eternity and they all look the same. We like that. I know the feeling. I don’t like that they are messing with Oreos. They were fine as they were. I knew what I was getting. Now I have 12 choices. No! Leave them alone.

We are living in uncertain and very turbulent times. Each day brings its new tragedy, whether here of abroad. Our world is on fire. Well I am personally acquainted with a great fireman…Jesus. He came into a world in turmoil and brought peace. He wants to do it again, but He is a gentleman and is not going to come uninvited. Things will still be uncertain in the world’s eyes, but having a personal relationship with Jesus will bring you a peace that truly does pass all understanding. You will know the one in charge and He will take care of you…you are His child an He is your father.

So when nothing makes sense, look to the man in charge to bring order to your life.

Quote by Author Sara Dormon