Gordon McDonald spoke at my church recently and among other things he talked about his visit to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting as an observer. He was struck by the camaraderie and openness of the people.

I have been a recovering alcoholic for 30 years and I have often thought that the reason they meet with success is because we all know that everyone in that room is a big a hot mess as we are and no one is trying to hide it.

At some point in my recovery ,I thought church should be renamed “Sinners Anonymous”. In AA, before you are allowed to speak you must say, “Hi, I’m Sara Dormon and I’m an alcoholic.” At which point everyone in the room says, “Hi, Sara” and then I may speak. If we had to say “Hi, I’m Sara Dormon and I’m a sinner” before we could speak in church, wow… it would be very quiet. But it would also level the playing field that we know exists but no one speaks of. WE ARE ALL SINNERS!!!! Every last one of us, broken, lost, struggling and hurting people.

Jesus came so that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Is your life one of abundance and joy, or the “let’s just get through the day” mentality. If it is not the abundant life we have been promised, change your focus, look to the source of that abundance…Jesus Christ.

We Are All Sinnersinners