Sara Dormon quoteI believe most of us will agree there hasn’t been any lack of discourse and opinion regarding the shootings in Orlando. But when things like this happen we also often hear questions about where God is when these things happen. Why were 49 people senselessly murdered?

The answer is both simple and complex at the same time. The simple, “religious” answer is SIN. That answer is both simple and trite and says really nothing about the depth and cause of the tragedy. Most people are willing to recognize the existence of sin regardless of how you define it. But to put all this evil in the sin basket is too easy.

The more complex answer is that we have been created by God to be in communion with Him. In order for that communion to flourish we are asked by Him to color inside the lines. He provides for our safety and betterment. But all of us rebel against that direction and the result is we too often choose to engage in things that are decidedly evil.

God asks us to love one another just as He loves us, to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and that the greatest of all virtues is love. God is the embodiment of love and we are to follow in His footsteps. We more often don’t…we are selfish, angry, distrustful, mean spirited, unforgiving and unloving. We lash out in words and actions and the result is what we are experiencing in our country and world today…people performing violent acts against their fellow man.

There will always be people who will find a perverse pleasure in the suffering of those they deem unworthy due to the choices they make, but I believe you will never look into the eyes of a person who is not deeply loved by God.