Today is Memorial Day 2016. A day set aside every year to honor and remember those who have fought for and died in the effort to secure and maintain our freedom. One day that is supposed to be sufficient for a life cut short, a family forever altered, a child left without a parent, a parent losing a child, a spouse losing a life partner.

And so it is with the death of Jesus. We remember His death on Good Friday (and I’ve never been sure what is Good about it) and celebrate His resurrection on Easter. Unlike our soldiers, Jesus rose from the dead. The death of Christ allows those who so choose to live a life of freedom, freedom from fear, judgment and condemnation, and freedom to spend eternity in heaven.

We live in a country where we have enormous freedom and we need to cherish it and guard it. We need to remember the sacrifice of Jesus to free us as individuals and the soldiers who allow us to be free to openly worship our God.

Memorial Day 2016