Forgiving the Unforgiveable blog by Sara DormonFor reason I can’t quite explain this title for my blog this week as it kept rolling around in my head. So as those of you who have read my book, “If You’re a Christian and Everyone Likes You…Something’s Wrong”, I head straight to either Google of my trusty dictionary. In this case it was Google. I typed in the title and boom, up popped multiple titles exactly like mine. Ok, so maybe I don’t have original thoughts. I knew that already. However, seeing so all of those search results told me that forgiving in itself is hard, but being asked to forgive the unforgiveable is harder.

From a Biblical perspective, there is only one unforgiveable sin, blaspheming the Holy Spirit (that is a topic for another day.) So that means, again from a Biblical perspective, virtually nothing is unforgiveable. The problem we “humans” face is that we are just that, human. When we are hurt we want to hurt back. When we are betrayed, we want to lash out at those who betrayed us. When we are lied to, cheated on, stolen from, and the list goes on, our first reaction is NOT to forgive.

Some of the reasons we don’t want to forgive are, we believe if we do we will have to forget the wrong done to us. NOT TRUE! Even though forget and forgive follow each other in the dictionary, we must remember the past, put it in perspective and then move on.

Another reason we don’t want to forgive is we do tend to enjoy wallowing in our own misery. We’ve been wounded and we want to garner all the sympathy and comfort we can. Okay, do it and then forgive. Recognize this is now part of your past, it can’t be changed and that this relationship may never be the same, but in order to improve the future we must let go of the past. And remember, it is not up to someone to seek out your forgiveness, it is up to you to offer it.

I’m sure everyone has their own reasons for not forgiving or not wanting to forgive, but let me assure, if you read my book and the chapter on forgiveness, you will find many reasons and not all spiritual, for exercising the conscious act of your will and forgiving.