It was announced today that Donald Trump was the Time Magazine person of the year. He was referred to as the President – Elect of the divided states of America. No one is going to argue that this past election has cause as much strife, stress and turmoil among us as the Civil and Vietnam wars. Families were torn apart, friendships blown up and people who were afraid to exercise their free speech because of the repercussions. How did that happen and what can we do to heal? As Martin Luther King said, “We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” We have had a two party system in this country for quite some time and in the end we have a peaceful transfer of power and things move on. There is always a measure of resignation among the losing party, but eventually we come together as Americans.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. (Mark 3:25) We can continue to choose to be a divide people or we can find common ground on which to stand. We can all agree that we want our families to be safe. We can all agree we want to have the opportunity to work and provide for those families. We can all agree that we want to have a good education available for anyone who wants it. We all should cherish the freedoms we have to worship, speak and be all that we want to be. In the end I truly believe we have far more in common that we have differences. The greatest force on earth is love and it can turn an enemy into a friend. Let’s choose to bring the divided States of America back to the United States of America. Just as division is an act of our will, so is love.

Sara Dormon