Proverbs 4:11 blog inspired by Ben Haden written by Author Sara DormonQuite a few years ago I was given the privilege of hearing a man named Ben Haden speak. I was not aware of the privilege it was at the time since I had yet to make a commitment to Christ. Yesterday I received, from a dear friend of mine and his, a book entitled “One on One: A Minute with Ben Haden.” This weeks blog post is from him.

If you had to be perfectly frank, would you say that as a nation and as individuals—we’re on a collision course?

You must have heard it because it’s been quoted for decades. It’s a lesson from history!

The pattern has always been the same—from bondage to spiritual faith—from spiritual faith to great courage—from courage to liberty—from liberty to abundance—from abundance to selfishness—from selfishness to complacency—from complacency to apathy—from apathy to dependence—and from dependency back to bondage!

Do you truthfully think as individuals and as a nation we’re headed back to the bondage from which we came—with history repeating itself?

No, history doesn’t have to repeat itself. That’s fiction. That’s what historians say. That’s nit what the Lord says. A man who follows the Lord doesn’t live in a cycle. He doesn’t follow the pattern of the world. He follows Christ. His life is changed—and his life is full and his life is great!

I have taught thee in the way of wisdom; I have led thee in the right paths. ~Proverbs 4:11