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If You’re a Christian and Everybody Likes You…. Something’s Wrong

Taking the words of Jesus seriously.

Today the Christian faith has not only come under attack, but many Christians themselves have become complacent and too willing to compromise their beliefs. Author Sara R. Dormon is known to tell it like it is. This book offers readers a self-reflective journey on what it means to be a Christian in today’s society in ten stand-alone chapters. Sarah brings a refreshingly open and honest way of communicating the truth starting with Obedience.
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So You Want to Adopt Now What

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So You Want to Adopt…Now What?: A Practical Guide for Navigating the Adoption Process

Are you considering adoption? Read this first! Let Ruth Graham and Sara Dormon help you navigate the tempestuous roller coaster ride of the adoption journey. Step by step, they will guide you through the legal, financial and practical aspects of the adoption process. You’ll gain a realistic picture of what adoption means – the joys, the fears, the stresses, the disappointments and the happy moment when a child is put in your arms. Graham and Dormon will prepare you for the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of adoption with practical tips and the wisdom of their experiences. They also share personal, heartfelt stories from the viewpoints of the birth mother, adoptive parents and others involved in the process that lend helpful perspective.

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I’m Pregnant, Now What?: Heartfelt Advice on Getting Through An Unplanned Pregnancy

When Ruth Graham, daughter of Billy, learned that her 16-year-old daughter Windsor was pregnant, she hopped aboard an emotional roller coaster.

“I was both angry at Windsor, wanting to shake her, and yet compassionate, longing to hold her and make everything all right. She could not seem to see that I was trying to help. Worn out with the tension between needing to be wise and wanting to wash my hands of it all, I wanted to escape. And yet there was no place far enough away to remove the knots in my stomach, the anxiety in my mind and the ache in my heart.”

This kind of honesty characterizes her new book, co-authored with clinical psychologist Sara Dormon. A specialist in dealing with crisis pregnancies, Dormon provides solid advice to both young mothers-to-be and the people who surround them at the end of each chapter. And while the perspectives of several women who have dealt with their own unplanned pregnancies or those of loved ones are included in the book, it’s Ruth and her daughter Windsor (who might also deserve an author credit) who provide the book’s heart and soul. Taking turns, they detail the difficult decisions and steps that had to be made when Windsor got pregnant, not just once, but twice, as a teenager.