Sara Dormon is a psychologist specializing in issues surrounding women. For over 30 years, she has worked with young women and their families as they faced an unplanned pregnancy. Her own personal journey has given her a passion and desire to help these young women as they face the choices this situation brings. She and her family have taken many young women into their home and she has counseled them through the decision making process. Whether they choose adoption or parenting, she helps them plan and prepare for their choice.

She has been a board member and pregnancy counselor at the Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center in Bryn Mawr, PA and a board member at the Hope Pregnancy Center. She has also done extensive post-abortion counseling. She has done many television and radio interviews dealing with the issues of teen pregnancy, abortion and adoption.
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“John and I were fortunate enough to have been connected with Sara Dormon. She was beyond our advocate in the adoption of our son, she was truly a miracle worker!”

“Words will never be able to express our deep love for Sara. We had tried to conceive for several years and had lost all hope of having our own family. Within 3 months of meeting her, she filled our empty arms with our son, Dylan. Next came our two daughters, Grace and Brynne. Throughout the whole process, Sara was encouraging and hopeful….and she never gave up! We are blessed beyond measure to have her in our lives!!” – The Gallagher Family

“When we made the decision to explore adoption the process seemed overwhelming. After one meeting with Sara she answered all of our questions and we felt confident in what we needed to do to move forward. She was always available to us and helped ease our anxiety throughout the journey. We are so happy that Sara connected us with our daughter, Sarah, and she will always have a special place within our family.” – Myers Family

“In less than a year, we were selected to be the forever family for these two precious girls. We will be forever grateful to Sara for her guidance and support on this amazing journey.” – The Ratti Family

“We are so grateful for Sara and her indispensable help throughout our adoption process. She assisted us every step of the way. When we had questions and called her she would offer to come to our home to help — all with her incredible humor, honesty, unapologetic style, faith and confidence in God’s plan in our lives. We see Sara as an angel on our journey and a crucial part in navigating through the potentially overwhelming adoption process and uniting us with our daughter in only a few short months. Thank you Sara for helping to create our beautiful forever family!”
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