Here is what people are saying about Sara:

“Sara Dormon is a breath of fresh air. Honest, caring, knowledgeable, and equipped. (And hilarious too!) She is such a joy to be around. Renee and I have loved every opportunity we have had to serve alongside Sara at various speaking engagements around the country. She makes a room more inviting just with her presence.”
- Clay Crosse (3-time Dove award winner, author, speaker)

“Sara Dormon is quite possibly one of the most forthright, tell it like it is, intelligent and loyal human beings on the planet. In the insanity of this politically correct world saturated with “spin”, we need voices like hers to shatter the deafening “squeaky wheel gets the grease” mentality. With so many talking heads out there, it’s refreshing to hear someone with depth, reason and authentic faith.”
- Drew Marshall - Host of The Drew Marshall Show

“Sara’s knowledge, wisdom and compassion have poured into my life for more than thirty years. She has admonished me in love, supported me in personal tragedies, and encouraged me in spiritual growth. Her friendship is one of my greatest life’s treasures.”
- Dr. Nancy Heche, Author/Speaker

“I met Sara Dormon 3  years ago at a women’s conference in Phoenix where we first ministered together. Since that time we have not only become great friends, but we have worked and ministered together at many women’s conferences. She speaks and shares with wisdom, sincerity and humor whenever she is speaking of her own personal journey through addiction, her own clinical experiences or her work with Crisis Pregnancy Centers. She is real and forthright but has one of the most precious hearts that I know. She is a blessing to all who hear her speak.”
- Jan Dravecky, Author/Speaker and Vice-President- Endurance Ministries

“Sara Dormon is a gift to the body of Christ. As author and speaker, Sara’s honesty and teaching are refreshing in a day when people are searching for answers to real life problems. Her powerful testimony and books have blessed people around the world. Don’t miss hearing Sara !!!!!!!!!!!!”
- Huntley Brown, International Concert Pianist

“Sara Dormon is one of the most sane voices of reason in a world of muddled thoughts and opinions. Utilizing intelligent wit, along with deep insights into the core of the issues we struggle with she has an amazing way of making sense of out the seemingly unsolvable. Uncompromising, sometimes tough but always true, her practical answers to the difficult questions of life are filled with wisdom and clarity that is rare and refreshing.”
- Michelle McKinney Hammond, author of “How to Make Life Work”

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