Sara has written an excellent book filled with practical and Biblical wisdom to help each of us as Christians “stand out and stand up for Jesus”.
Clay & Renee Crosse, Clay Crosse Music/HolyHomes Ministries
A rapidly changing environment that is increasingly less hospitable to followers of Jesus, calls us to courageously extend his love, grace and mercy to all. While the temptation may be to compromise and not offend others, now is the time that we must live into the very basics of our life in Christ. Sara Dormon provides ten key anchors that will strengthen our resolve to be the faithful servants who will make a difference for the Kingdom.
Dr. Beverly Y. Upton, Managing Director and CEO - The Haggai Institute
We are living in a world that has lost its way. Sara not only identifies the problem but also outlines solutions that will change the trajectory of our lives, the nation and the world. This book is a must have for each person’s library.

Sara Dormon is a gift to the body of Christ. As author and speaker, Sara’s honesty and teaching are refreshing in a day when people are searching for answers to real life problems. Her powerful testimony and books have blessed people around the world.

Rev Huntley Brown, International Concert Pianist
I absolutely love the candor of this book. I love each one of the ten commandments that Sara chose to write about because they are so important to the vitality and richness of our walk with Jesus. Through Sara’s style of communicating these truths I “learned and laughed in the process”. My heart was smiling and light instead of furrowed and heavy after reading this book. Thank you Sara for blessing us with your heart to encourage all of us who struggle with our day to day walk with Jesus.
Jan Dravecky, Executive Director - Endurance with Jan & Dave Dravecky
Sara Dormon is quite possibly one of the most forthright, tell it like it is, intelligent and loyal human beings on the planet. In the insanity of this politically correct world saturated with “spin”, we need voices like hers to shatter the deafening “squeaky wheel gets the grease” mentality. With so many talking heads out there, it’s refreshing to hear someone with depth, reason and authentic faith.
Drew Marshall, Host of The Drew Marshall Show
When I started to read Sara’s book I expected it to be a book to me, as a Christian, and how I could improve my walk with Christ. Certainly it is that, but what I really enjoyed about the book was the beautiful message of the gospel that is told through each and every chapter.

This is a book that we need to get into the hands of people who don’t yet understand the great love that Christ has for them! Sara tells His story in a beautiful way!

Steve Smickley, Associate Pastor, Calvary Chapel Delaware County
Sara Dormon is one of the most sane voices of reason in a world of muddled thoughts and opinions. Utilizing intelligent wit, along with deep insights into the core of the issues we struggle with she has an amazing way of making sense of out the seemingly unsolvable. Uncompromising, sometimes tough but always true, her practical answers to the difficult questions of life are filled with wisdom and clarity that is rare and refreshing.
Michelle McKinney Hammond, Author of “How to Make Life Work”
Sara Dormon provides a compass directing us to the source of power we all need, the very foundation and core we should build our life on. With constant confusion over what is truth there is no better guide than God’s word itself. Sara reminds us all, with loving conviction, we are simply lost without truth and not only highlights the issues we are facing as a culture, but gives us hope in revealing ways in which we can stand boldly in the face of confusion and darkness.

For those looking for truth in the midst of what can seem like total chaos, Sara will help you find it.

Michelle Borquez Thornton, Author, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur
Sara Dormon strikes a blow for Biblical sanity in a culture gone mad. If you can read this book and not be challenged, convicted and inspired, something is wrong indeed.
Christopher Smith, Broadway Composer and Playwright “Amazing Grace”
Following Jesus isn’t for sissies and Sara Dormon’s new book, is one that will challenge you to think through some of the words of Jesus in a fresh, new way. Each chapter I read was a convicting reminder of the cost of discipleship, and yet the reward of obedience and living life His way. Don’t let the title scare you. It’s all good. You’ll be glad that you made the investment in this book, and my guess is, your life will never be the same.
Dr. Bill Welte, President/CEO of America’s Keswick
Sara’s knowledge, wisdom and compassion have poured into my life for more than thirty years. She has admonished me in love, supported me in personal tragedies, and encouraged me in spiritual growth. Her friendship is one of my greatest life’s treasures.
Dr. Nancy Heche, Author/Speaker
Solid Biblical insights combine with practical teaching for every Christian. Whether you are a new Christian or have been a Christian for decades, you will find inspiration and encouragement in these pages.
W. Terry Whalin, Editor and Author

Author Speaker AdvocateSara R. Dormon is an author, mother, advocate and Christian. She is known to tell it like it is in her most recent book “If You’re a Christian and Everybody Likes You…. Something’s Wrong” offering readers a self reflection journey on what it means to be a Christian in America in today’s society. Sara is also the co-author of the books, “I’m Pregnant…Now What?” and “So You Want to Adopt…Now What?” written with Ruth Graham and published by Regal Books.

As an experienced and humorous speaker, Sara brings a refreshing and honest look at some very difficult issues from Christianity to adoption. She has been a speaker for the Ruth Graham & Friends ministry and has also spoken for pro-life, church groups and women’s organizations.

She is the mother of three sons and the grandmother to four girls and one boy. She lives in a suburb of Philadelphia with her husband Bill.